Thursday, November 24, 2011

Meet the Cast of A Kind of Sad Love Story

Irene Van as Emily

Skyler Garcia as Andrew

Danraj Rajasansi as Rick and The Mechanic

Maharlika Haley as Janice and The GPS

Rachel Stringari as Diana Middleton and The Waitress

Ricky Dellinger as Vince and Dan "The Man"

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Kind of Sad Love Story

Here's some info on our upcoming production "A Kind of Sad Love Story."

After having what seemed to be the perfect relationship, Emily left Andrew. Andrew wasn’t sure why Emily did it. In fact, Emily wasn’t quite sure either. All she knew was that it needed to happen. As Andrew frantically works to find a way to fix his relationship, Emily tries to figure out why it was that she left him in the first place.

"A Kind of a Sad Love Story" is the bittersweet story of a stagnant relationship between two twenty somethings who, in order to move on with their lives, must first break each other's heart

Skyler Garcia
Irene Van
Ricky Dellinger
Danraj Rajasansi
Rachel Stringari
Maharlika Haley

December 16 @ 8 PM
December 17 @ 2 and 8 PM
General Admission: $10

The Pear Avenue Theater in Mountain View is an intimate theater with limited seating. There will only be 40 seats per performance so be sure to reserve your seats by e-mailing:

Friday, August 26, 2011

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Barcelona Love Song

From the Ensemble that brought you: "With Love, Jaysson," "Three Windows," and "The Chase" comes Jeffrey Lo's latest work "Barcelona Love Song." 

Barcelona Love Song is about Filipino American prep basketball star J.R. Bagayan. Despite every college basketball program in the nation recruiting Bagayan, his academic struggles make him ineligible for a university. With new rules preventing high school stars from making the jump straight to the National Basketball Association, sports agent, Henry Mola, convinces Bagayan that his best option is to go overseas and play for a professional basketball team in Barcelona. When Bagayan’s image and academic struggles come to question, Bagayan learns that being a professional athlete is about much more than just playing the sport he worked hard to master. His life is turned upside down when his agent, the media, and everyone around him push J.R. to manufacture a “role model” image at the expense of his late father.

Come watch the 06 Ensemble's inaugural production and support both this new performing arts ensemble and the Evergreen Foundation.

August 12 @ 7:30 PM (With an opening reception after the show)
August 13 @ 7:30 PM
Tickets - $12 at the door/$8 Students

Lawrence Casil
Ricky Dellinger
Irene Van
Skyler Garcia
Vincent Sanchez
Stephanie Wong
Laura Nguyen
Danraj Rajasansi
Michelle Nguyen
Joseph Martinez

The 06 Ensemble endeavors to create a poignant body of work for the Bay Area community that both explores man’s shared experiences and redefines ‘traditional’ American theatre. We will work to reclaim the American identity by creating work that more closely reflects the diverse community we live in today. We seek to give voice to emerging playwrights, to produce established plays with nontraditional casts, and to create a new repetoire of ethno-American plays. We strive to create lifelong patrons in our multicultural community, to train future artists and to deeply engage with our community through the transformative vehicle of theater. Through our productions, outreach, and education, The 06 Ensemble invites everyone into our theater to tell their story and to share the everyman experience